Three County Pinot Noir

Divine. Educated. Graceful.


Tasting Experience
Rich color hints at the boldness of this full-bodied Pinot Noir. Warm aromas of toasty oak fill the glass and lead to a well-structured, luscious weight on the palate. Densely delicious, earthy flavors mingle with notes of cherry and red plum while a backdrop of sweet spices adds complexity. Bright acidity carries through to the strong, lingering finish.

Due to its soft tannins and bright acidity, this wine pairs well with seafood, lightly smoked meats and chicken, as well as root vegetables and mushrooms.


Three County
Our Pinot Noir is blended from Three Counties to ensure it is fruit-forward with well-integrated tannins. Every year, our Winemaker Linda Trotta hand-selects vineyards from each county to complete this blend. The portion from each county depends on the growing conditions of that vintage.

SAN BENITO COUNTY brings structure as well as darker fruit and earthy notes.

MONTEREY COUNTY allows for a nice texture on the middle palette.

SONOMA COUNTY imparts elegance and a red fruit profile into the wine.

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In the Winery
This wine is macerated on the skins for a portion of time ranging from 10-14 days before fermentation. Daily pump-overs are used to extract flavor and color. A short fermentation at a cooler temperature preserves the ripe fruit flavors. The new French Oak barrels, used for a significant portion of this blend, provides an integration of oak notes including sweet spices and vanilla.